Nights Keeper Beta

I’m glad to introduce Nights Keeper beta testing program. If you like to get updates with new functionality as fast as possible this program for you. After accepting your participation you will be able to get last Nights Keeper beta updates directly in Google Play.

So, you will get fresh features before official release (sometimes weeks before) and will be able to take a part in development process, introduce you thinks and so on. Of course beta releases not so stable and sometimes not fully localized on some languages.

To take a part in this program you should:

  1. Open following link and accept your participation (Join Nights Keeper beta program).
  2. Then you will be able to update Nights Keeper to last beta version on Google Play.
  3. You can optionally join Google+ Community for communication with developer and other beta testers (Nights Keeper beta).

Community and program are absolutely open. You can invite everyone to join the program.