Nights Keeper 1.5.0 Release

A lot of new and useful in this release.

  • NEW: Dismiss profile by tap to notification.
  • NEW: Filtration modes: “Everyone”, “No one”, “Only known”, “Only white list”.
  • NEW: Mute media sounds.
  • NEW: Item “Bug report” in app settings.
  • NEW: “What’s new” dialog contains last changes history.
  • FIX: Silent ringtone in some cases.
  • FIX: Original SMS text for profile “Don’t disterb”.
  • FIX: Better widget displaying on HTC One and other devices.
  • FIX: Zero volume in the morning when rebooting the device while active profile.
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We are looking for localizers!

Nights Keeper becoming more and more popular in the world. So, to help people to discover Nights Keeper we are looking for guys how can translate it to other languages.

The most priority languages for us:

  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Spanish (thanks to Mauro Grisha Dominguez Delgadou)
  • German (thanks to  Dimitri Muraschkowski and Melanie Sitterlee)
  • French
  • Portugal
  • Italian (thanks to Matteo Piva)
But you are welcome to propose other if you are the native speaker and ready to translate Nights Keeper to this language.
Requirements for localizers: well knowing of target language (ideally – native speaker).
Task: translation of Google Play description (about 500 words) and user interface (about 800 words) from English or Russian.
  1. Several PRO licenses for you and your family or small reward via PayPal.
  2. Your name in “Thanks” section of application and Google Play description.

If you are interested in, please contact me via e-mail:

Nights Keeper 1.4.0 Release

Say hello to German localization and some new features.

– NEW: Sound notification on SMS from “white” list.
– NEW: Turn on Bluetooth.
– NEW: German localization (thanks to Dimitri Muraschkowski, Melanie Sitterlee).
– NEW: Copy the “white” lists between profiles (via the menu in the “white” list).
– FIX: Critcal error. Wrong profile time after changing time zone.

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Nights Keeper 1.3.0 Release

Like to take a nap from time to time? Don’t want to be interrupted on an important meeting? 

Say hello to the new profile “Don’t disturb”. This is profile that controlling manually. Profile can be turned on/off using home screen widget at any time.

Full change log:
– NEW: Manual profile “Don’t disturb”.
– NEW: Home screen widget for manual profile control.
– FIX: Problems with alarms.
– FIX: Own sound for notification.
– FIX: Improved images displaying on Android 2.2-2.3
– FIX: More gradual ascending ring. 
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