Nights Keeper 2.2.0: new widget design


I’m happy to introduce new widget design. The last one have a lot of negative feedback. We have tried to fix the main cases and fully redesign widget style and layout. And as the bonus of long waiting  you will have chose what widget theme to use (dark or light). Hope you will like it!

Change log:

  • NEW: New widget design.
  • NEW: Dark and light theme for widget.
  • NEW: Block of sound mode can be switched off in settings.
  • FIX: Improvement of Italian translation.


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Nights Keeper 2.1.0: blocks random sound mode change and bug fixes.

Nights Keeper from it’s first release doesn’t block change of phone sound mode during profile work. But as time show it’s not so good way. I got a lot of bug reports about not expected behavior of app. And most of this switches was because of just random pressing volume button on the phone. That’s why Nights Keeper 2.1.0+ will block sound mode change during profile work. It will propose to turn off or pause profile if you want to go back to normal sound mode.

And good news for Shush users. Shush! 12.4 and Nights Keeper 2.1.0 fully comparable now. Thanks to Shush developer for the readiness to cooperate.

Change log:

  • NEW: Block random sound mode change during profile work.
  • NEW: Restoring promo PRO license.
  • NEW: End time on *Dismiss after* dialog.
  • FIX: App freezing if case of using white list groups.
  • FIX: Resolve conflict with Shush!.
  • FIX: Improvement of Simplified Chinese translation.
  • FIX: Default profile option deprecated.
  • FIX: Several crashes fixed.


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One year in Google Play! 50% SALE!



Nights Keeper was published in Google Play one year ago. And during this year it has assist more then 10 millions nights for our users. Thank you for using our product! Thank you for your feedback and help! You help us to create brilliant app.

For celebrating this date we announce 50% SALE for this weekend (24 April – 27 April). New price is $2,99 $1,49.

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Voting: “OK” and “Cancel” buttons, do you need it?

Do you need "OK" and "Cancel" buttons on the bottom of activity?

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I’m talking about buttons that located on the profile settings, white list and other activities (on the bottom). I’m going to change UI and thinking about removing bottom action bar with this buttons. Please, vote for or against.