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Nights Keeper was published in Google Play two years ago. And during this years it has assist thousands of users during millions of nights. Thank you for using our product! Thank you for your feedback and help! You help us to create brilliant app.

For celebrating this date we announce 50% SALE till the end of month (28 April – 1 May). New price is $2,99 $1,49.

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Nights Keeper 2.6.0: Reliable work on Android 5 and 5.1

Nights Keeper 2.6.0 will finally bring reliable work on Android 5+ devices. The only restriction is that because of changes in Android 5 silent mode behavior Nights Keeper can silence the Alarms during your profile work (depends on phone vendor). Keep in mind that you should check your Alarm. And if it silence you have two options:

  1. Set Alarm time out of profile.
  2. Use sound mode Priority in profile settings. In this case some sounds will not be silenced. The Alarm signal will be not muted too. (It’s more or less same as it work before)

Sorry for inconvenient, it’s not our fault.

And you should provide access to Notification for app. App will ask you if it need it (only on Android 5+). Read here why it needed.

Change log:

  • FIX: Reliable work on Android 5+ (via None mode)
  • NEW: Optional Sound mode for Android 5 – Priority mode (not all sounds muted, but alarm is working)

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Reliable work on Android 5 and 5.1

I’m glad to announce that I finally found reliable solution for proper work of Nights Keeper on Android 5 devices. The only restriction is that Alarms will be silenced during profile work. So, you should set Alarm and profile time with this in mind. And you need to accept the access to notification for proper work.

I’ve just released new version only for beta testing (want to check everything once more before public release). So, if you are Android 5 user and want to take a part in this beta testing you are welcome. Just follow this instruction to become beta tester.

Explanations for Android 5 users…

Last few months I’m fighting with Android 5 support problem. The main reason of the problem is that Google totally broke the Silent mode functionality and API for developers (issue on bug tracker).

In two words on Android 5 you have only two options: total silent (in this mode even Alarm doesn’t work), priority mode (in this mode a lot of apps will still goes with sound, you can receive system menu sound, you can receive power plugin sound and so on). Google doesn’t give any comments about this problem.

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