Nights Keeper was removed from Google Play

Nights Keeper was removed from Google Play. Official reason is Violation of the Permissions policy. The talk is about access to SMS which is really required for my app and now restricted by Google policy.

I’m trying to solve this problem. Will update results here.

Last version (with permissions changes and new API support) can be downloaded by following link: NightsKeeper_v2.8.0.apk.

Last officaly published version from Google Play can be downloaded by following link: NightsKeeper_v2.7.8.apk.

Please, don’t download it from other sites, it can be infected.

Update 12.02.2019

Plane was prepared. I understand how to solve problem but it takes several weeks to update app to modern API. And of cause last word will be for Google Play team.

Update 17.02.2019

Convertation to new API is close to finish. I’m going to test APP by my self several days and then try to publish it with request to add Nights Keeper to exception list. If it will be denied I will have to cut off functionality partly (SMS releted).

Update 18.02.2019

New version was published and request to Google Play team was sent. Hope they will approve version and add Nights Keeper to exceptions. You can download and test this version by following link directly from this site: NightsKeeper_v2.8.0.apk.

Update 19.02.2019

Got reject from Googple Play. Thinking about next steps =(