Explanations for Android 5 users…

Last few months I’m fighting with Android 5 support problem. The main reason of the problem is that Google totally broke the Silent mode functionality and API for developers (issue on bug tracker).

In two words on Android 5 you have only two options: total silent (in this mode even Alarm doesn’t work), priority mode (in this mode a lot of apps will still goes with sound, you can receive system menu sound, you can receive power plugin sound and so on). Google doesn’t give any comments about this problem.

I’ve tried different hacks and tricks, but it seams that I still have not found reliable solution. Some tricks works proper on one devices but break down all logic on others. Some tricks works from time to time.

I’m really sorry for this situation. It’s really not my fault that Google break down part of there system that works proper for years and was documented and supported API.

After all this weeks of research I have idea how to handle it in reliable way. I’m afraid that solution will have some restrictions but will be reliable and usable. Unfortunately it can’t work in exact same way as on Android 4.4 and earlier. I need week or two to implement and test this idea.

Android 5 users, keep in mind that Nights Keeper can work with defects on your devices now. I really sorry for that. And as I already wrote I’m working on solution. Be patient…

P.S. If you are Android 5 and Nights Keeper PRO user and you don’t want to wait until Nights Keeper fix then report me via bug report for refund.

P.P.S. If you are Android 4.4 (or earlier) user think twice before update to Android 5. “No Silent mode” problem is only top of iceberg…

P.P.P.S. We have chance that in Android 5.1 Google with bring Silent mode back. There are some information about it on web. Please, star issue on bug tracker it can help.


Update (15th March): I finally found reliable solution. Read more here.