Nights Keeper 2.4.0: Lollipop support

Google-officially-released-Android-5.0-Lollipop-source-code-into-the-AOSP-Details (1)

This release contains bug fixes and support of Lollipop (read more about proper configuration under cut). Unfortunately Mobile Network feature deprecated for Android 5.0 (hope that I’ll find solution later). And I’m happy to announce Hebrew localisation.

Change log:

  • NEW: Android 5.0 support (fix all known problems).
  • NEW: Hebrew localisation.
  • FIX: Muting ringtone by volume button on Moto.
  • FIX: Mobile Network features duplicated for Android 5.0.

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Android 5.0 introduce build-in DND mode (named priority interruption). It’s deeply integrated in system. So, it can conflict with Nights Keeper. You need to turn this option off.

To do it go to Phone Settings -> Sound & Notification -> Interruptions. And setup “Priority interruptions” as shown on screenshot below.


By default Nights Keeper will ask you to make it on first start after update if you use Android 5.0. So, just follow the instructions.