Nights Keeper v0.82b

I’m going forward to the release and pleasure to introduce new beta version of Nights Keeper.

Nights Keeper is Android application that protect your sleep from unwanted calls and will never let you miss really important call from a loved one.

Full list of features:

  • Profiles. You can set different settings and start/finish time for all week days.
  • “White list” of contacts. Can be specified for the profile.
  • Zero power consumption. Application works only during start/finish of period or night call.
  • SMS notifications to the blocked callers.
  • Three modes for night calls Ring, Ring and Vibrate and only Vibrate.
  • Special volume level for nights calls.
  • Ascending ring.
  • Turning off Wi-Fi.
  • Turning off Bluetooth.
  • Special level of screen brightness.
  • Dark or Light application theme.
Localizations: English, Russian.
You can download and try it by following link. Application is absolutely free during beta period (till May 1th). Then you will be able to download it from Google Play (free and PRO version will be available).