Nights Keeper 1.7.3: final price fixes

Sorry for buggy price updater in app. This was really my fault, it was not well tested. That’s why you can see wrong price in app. This update should fixed it once and forever. Sorry, again.

For old version users: Please, check the price in Google Play dialog directly before purchase. And the best option just to update to the last version (1.7.3). If you bought app for $1.99 and thought that you are doing it for $0.99 I’m ready to refund it. It could happen on October 28 after sale end (in old version price update could take 3 days).

Change log:

  • FIX: After SALE price fixed.

Version will be available in Google Play in several hours:.

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Nights Keeper 1.7.0: backups, contact groups, new localizations and more…

fr ua

Glad to introduce new major Nights Keeper release. The main changes are contacts group selection and backups. There are a lot of useful changes in this version (take a look to the full change log).

Other important thing – new localizations Ukrainian and French. Thanks to the Oleg Pilipenko and Gilles Walet. If you want to use Nights Keeper in your native language, please, take a look to Translation page.

Change log:

  • NEW: Groups support for white list.
  • NEW: Backup using Google Backup Service.
  • NEW: Backup to SD card.
  • NEW: Rollback to previous sound mode, not the normal permanently (can be turned off in settings)
  • NEW: Option – single white list for all profiles.
  • NEW: Warnings about SMS messengers.
  • NEW: Tip about widget.
  • NEW: Ukrainian localization.
  • NEW: French localization.
  • NEW: Links to FAQ and home page.
  • FIX: Redesign of profile UI (text size, strings).
  • FIX: Ringing problems on some devices.
  • FIX: Some other fixes.

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