Nights Keeper 1.5.1 Release (new localizations)

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Nights Keeper got several new localizations. Thanks to Mauro Grisha Dominguez Delgadou (Spanish), Matteo Piva (Italian), Thijs Bokkers (Netherlands) and Klas (Swedish).
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NEW: Spanish localization.
NEW: Italian localization.
NEW: Netherlands localization.
NEW: Swedish localization.
FIX: Zero volume level after profile end.
FIX: Too high priority for notifications.
FIX: Contacts list crash in case of empty name contact.

Version will be available on Google Play in a few hours.
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Nights Keeper 1.5.0 Release

A lot of new and useful in this release.

  • NEW: Dismiss profile by tap to notification.
  • NEW: Filtration modes: “Everyone”, “No one”, “Only known”, “Only white list”.
  • NEW: Mute media sounds.
  • NEW: Item “Bug report” in app settings.
  • NEW: “What’s new” dialog contains last changes history.
  • FIX: Silent ringtone in some cases.
  • FIX: Original SMS text for profile “Don’t disterb”.
  • FIX: Better widget displaying on HTC One and other devices.
  • FIX: Zero volume in the morning when rebooting the device while active profile.
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