Nights Keeper 1.3.0 Release

Like to take a nap from time to time? Don’t want to be interrupted on an important meeting? 

Say hello to the new profile “Don’t disturb”. This is profile that controlling manually. Profile can be turned on/off using home screen widget at any time.

Full change log:
– NEW: Manual profile “Don’t disturb”.
– NEW: Home screen widget for manual profile control.
– FIX: Problems with alarms.
– FIX: Own sound for notification.
– FIX: Improved images displaying on Android 2.2-2.3
– FIX: More gradual ascending ring. 
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Nights Keeper 1.2.0 Release

Mobile network handling and vibration sound mode in new version!

– NEW: Turn off/on Mobile network .
– NEW: Sound notification on start of profile (can be turn off in the settings).
– NEW: Sending SMS only once to the blocked caller per night (can be turn off in the settings).
– NEW: Sound profile for night: silent or vibrate.

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Nights Keeper 1.1.0 Release

Huge release with new interesting futures:

– NEW: Emergency call. Recognize after several missed calls from this contact.
– NEW: Decline call. Auto decline blocked call.
– NEW: Turn off Auto Sync.
– NEW: Morning actions. Turn on Auto Sync, Wi-Fi.
– NEW: Night Ringtone.
– NEW: Time format: system, 24 or 12 hours.
– NEW: First day of week: system, Monday or Sunday.
– FIX: Critical error with turning off profile that was turned on just now.
– FIX: User interface. The impact of system settings for text size.
– FIX: User interface. Summary text size in profile settings was increased.

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