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Nights Keeper 2.7.6: Norwegian translation and some improvments


Nights Keeper 2.7.6 will bring Norwegian translation (thanks to Mike Lauritsen) and some improvements and fixes. New version will be available in Google Play in few hours.

Change log:

  • NEW: Norwegian translation
  • NEW: Backup to any place on Android 5+ (SD, Google Drive)
  • NEW: Selected duration in manual profile dialog is saving separately for each profile
  • FIX: Broken sorting after cloning any profile

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Nights Keeper 2.6.3: Vietnamese translation and improvements for Samsung


Nights Keeper 2.6.3 will bring new Vietnamese translation (thanks to Duc Nguyen Tien) and better work on newest Samsung firmware. It contains some other important fixes and improvements. So, I recommend you to update. New version will be available in Google Play in few hours.

Change log:

  • NEW: Vietnamese translation
  • FIX: Correct behaviour on some Samsung Android 5+ firmwares
  • FIX: White list for Vibro mode work incorrect
  • FIX: Infinite vibration on profile start on some devices (hope finally fix it)
  • FIX: Several fails

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Nights Keeper 2.4.0: Lollipop support

Google-officially-released-Android-5.0-Lollipop-source-code-into-the-AOSP-Details (1)

This release contains bug fixes and support of Lollipop (read more about proper configuration under cut). Unfortunately Mobile Network feature deprecated for Android 5.0 (hope that I’ll find solution later). And I’m happy to announce Hebrew localisation.

Change log:

  • NEW: Android 5.0 support (fix all known problems).
  • NEW: Hebrew localisation.
  • FIX: Muting ringtone by volume button on Moto.
  • FIX: Mobile Network features duplicated for Android 5.0.

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Nights Keeper 2.0.0 available in Google Play

512-version200 — копия

I’m proud to announce release of Nights Keeper major update. There are a lot of new and useful functionality in version 2.0.0 (days and shifts profiles, multiple manual profiles, new widget and many many more). I’m going to write several reviews of new functionality in next weeks. Update will be available in Google Play in few hours.

As I wrote before PRO version price was increased to $ 2.99.

Full change log:

  • NEW: Multiple manual profiles.
  • NEW: New widget design.
  • NEW: Day profile.
  • NEW: Profile for shifts.
  • NEW: Ability to assign manual profile to widget.
  • NEW: Ability to change profile type (manual, night or day).
  • NEW: “Dismiss after” dialog.
  • NEW: Pausing profile.
  • NEW: Actions for notification.
  • NEW: Ring rising rate option.
  • NEW: Fixed notification goes as ongoing.
  • NEW: High priority for notification (can be turned off).
  • NEW: Locale/Tasker plugin.
  • NEW: Ability to change profile sort order.
  • NEW: Lithuanian localization.
  • FIX: Increasing launch speed.
  • FIX: Some UI corrections.
  • FIX: Notification volume level was not restored in some cases.
  • FIX: Sound notification on profile start turned off by default.
  • FIX: Blocked SMS was not stored in Event log in some cases.
  • FIX: Other minor fixes.

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