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OnePlus3 temporary marked as unsupported device. [FIXED]

I have numbers of reports about incorrect work of app on OnePlus3 device. Have no idea what is wrong. I have marked this device as unsupported, hopefully only temporary. If you need refund because of it, please, contact me via email.


One of the user reports that problem was solved with latest firmware update on OnePlus3 (OnePluse3Oxygen_16_1607251520).


Nights Keeper 2.7.5: get ready to Marshmallow


I’m glad to announce that new version is ready to Android 6 Marshmallow. Nights Keeper fully supports new Doze mode and last changes in sound modes. The only temporary restriction is new permissions model. Please, don’t try to turn off any permissions for Nights Keeper yet. I’m planning to support new restrictions model in few months.

The real good news is that silent alarm problem was fixed in new Android 6 (many Android 5 users faced to this problem). So, starting from Marshmallow Nights Keeper will not mute alarms anymore and you don’t need to use priority mode option.

Change log:

  • NEW: Android 6 support: alarms during profiles work
  • FIX: Android 6 support: correct work in idle
  • FIX: Emergency call fix for Android 5+
  • FIX: Incorrect calls count in log on Android 5+
  • FIX: Vibration on profile start on Android 5 in some cases
  • FIX: Russian translation

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For Samsung users.

I have many reports from Samsung users about wrong work of sound modes switches in Nights Keeper. This problem is actual not for all models but for some of them. The reason of the problem is that Samsung have broken new standard system API for sound control on some firmwares (both Android 5 and Android 5.1). I didn’t found the reliable way how to detect this broken API. I’m still in research.

But there is work around. If you have problems (and actually only if you have) with  whitelist work, sound mode switches, alarms and unexpected sounds from other apps, please, try to select Ringer mode in app settings Experimental -> Sound mode control.

Again DO NOT change this setting if you have no problems with app work on your Samsung device.